Banque Bénédict Hentsch & Cie

Rehabilitation of the former Tavaro factory

The renovation of this building, which forms part of the legacy of modern buildings in Geneva, required lengthy negotiations with the CNMS (Monuments, Nature and Sites Commission) in order to respect the character, colour and ambiance of the project. This building used to manufacture sewing machines for the brand Elna.

The project brief was to provide a layout for a financial company having managers with different tasks, needing a maximum of flexibility while providing workspaces conducive to work needing concentration. A specific technique was developed to renovate the windows in order to meet the requirements of a listed building, while improving their energy performance.

The retractable custom-built tables, their linoleum finish, the essence of used wood, a typical mahogany from the original construction completes an ensemble which marries the strong character of a 1950’s building with modern construction demands.

Photos ©Jean-Michel Landecy