Glacial Architecture

PricewaterhousCoopers wanted a new design with more open space. The existing floor spaces were opened out by taking away all the interior walls. GLN technology (Genie Lac Nations) was used for the cooling of the offices. Indeed, glacier water is used for cooling the chilled ceilings. GLN is a real innovation in the rational use of local renewable local energy. Inspired by icebergs, this technology influenced the new architectural design of this building.

Flexible modular spacing gives a transparency to the design. The use of sliding glass partitions enables the modification of a space from an open office accommodating six people, to two closed offices. The objective of the renovation was to optimise communication between staff by creating a more accessible environment (cafeteria, copy centre, relaxation space).

break-out space on each floor symbolises the company’s ideology – the nomad wall. In a section view we can see that the services are linked together. This wall contains various cubby holes where you can find coffee machines, dishes, cutlery and also office stationary.

There is also a screen showing practical information. An interactive button allows you to change the coloured lighting in the wall according to your mood. This multifunctional façade allows staff to drink a coffee while reading their mail. The project was a success due to the close collaboration between client and consultants, a clear brief, and a rationalisation of the spaces and functions.

Photos ©Luca Fascini