Medical practices at Clinique Générale Beaulieu

A new concept for medical practices

The Clinique Générale Beaulieu has anticipated the future by proposing new medical practices, each treating different specialities.

It is with the installation of more than twenty of these offices in the space of two years that TJCA developed our expertise and a relationship of trust with the medical authorities. We have created more than twenty different practices within two years. This has allowed us to develop a certain know how and establish a trustworthy relationship with the local authorities.

Each Doctors practice presented us with a new challenge where we had to adapt to each different area of medicine whilst keeping a coherence of style. We rethought the traditional medical practise to make it more welcoming, well equipped with the latest technology all within keeping the highest standards of hygiene. The aim was to design a reassuring and warm space by creating a minimalist and functional work room.

Photos ©TJCA